• Elevates the copper peptide, known to activate stem cells
  • Clinically proven to enhance overall health and vitality
  • Gives you a new level of dynamic wellness experience
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Patented, proprietary form of phototherapy
  • No drugs, chemicals, or stimulants
  • Nothing from the patch enters the body

Backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development, the LifeWave X39 patch has been demonstrated to provide the following health benefits.

The LifeWave X39 patch is designed to activate your stem cells.

As we age the stem cells in our body become less and less effective.  By age 35, you have lost over half of your Stem Cell activity and by age 60, you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell activity. By the time we reach the approximate age of 60, the stem cells in our body show very little activity, becoming slower and releasing less growth factors that are needed to repair our body.  By the time we are in our mid-70’s we are showing almost no stem cell activity at all.  This is why people that are older have such a difficult time healing from injury. 

Stem Cells are the repair cells of your body. 
The LESS Stem Cell activity you have - the Faster you Age and the Slower You Heal.

How does X39 activate your stem cells?

Using our proprietary and patented form of phototherapy, X39 elevates the peptide GHK-Cu.  This is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that declines significantly with age.  In fact, after the age of 60 your levels of GHK-Cu have dropped by more than 60%.

Independent third-party clinical studies on GHK-Cu have determined some remarkable benefits including support of the body’s natural wound healing process.  Perhaps even more remarkably, GHK-Cu resets the genes in the body to a younger healthier state.  In initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, Dr. Pickart discovered that old liver cells, when exposed to GHK-Cu, started to function like younger healthier cells!

Over the past 10 years, David Schmidt and the research team at LifeWave in San Diego California have been investigating new methods for dramatically accelerating the way in which the human body heals after injury.  The discoveries and inventions created by David and his team have led to more than 70 global patents in the field of regenerative science.  Some of these inventions are so groundbreaking that in initial trials with flat worms (a biological stem cell model) they show a phenomenal 90% improvement in the speed of wound healing.  Later studies with animals and humans showed that in fact specific applications of electromagnetic fields created by some of these devices that the activity of stem cells could indeed be enhanced, and both animals and humans could heal much faster as compared to no therapy being applied.

Unlike most forms of stem cell medicine which inject stem cells from a younger donor person into an older recipient.  While this is incredible, there is potentially dangerous side effects (uncontrolled cell division), it is incredibly costly (often in excess of $ 10,000 for a single treatment) and not always legal (some countries have not approved stem cell therapy). 

The X39 patch is designed to support “resetting” our own stem cells and get them to start acting like younger, healthier cells.  This would be incredibly safer, possibly more effective and massively more affordable.

Supports Wound Healing
Some of our most dramatic testimonial on the X39 have been in the area of wound healing. Wound healing is of course a natural process and requires the presence of stem cells. As we age, our stem cells become less effective though. Now, with X39, you can activate you stem cells and provide support for your body’s natural healing process.

Clinical research shows that after using X39 for only 6 weeks, the vascular system behaves as if it had become over 2 months younger!

Rapid Pain Relief
X39 users can experience dramatic reductions in pain.  In fact, most people experience a reduction in the sensation of pain and inflammation within minutes of application.

Greater Energy
Clinical studies performed by LifeWave show that the X39 patch improved a person’s energy levels. The results when compared to the baseline, see the improvement in overall energy of the body, organ balance, and L/R symmetry distribution of energy.

Clinical research shows that the longer you use X39, the more benefits you receive. A study performed using Bio-Well technology shows that people who use X39 for 6 weeks have nearly double the improvements in energy when compared to using X39 for 3 weeks

Sleep Benefits
Clinical studies performed by LifeWave show that X39 improves the quality of sleep by altering levels of GABA, an important neurotransmitter in the brain.  The benefit is a natural improvement in your quality and duration of sleep.

Improved Skin Appearance
Would you like to not only feel younger but look younger as well?  Now you can with X39.  An important part of activating stem cells is increasing the production of collagen.  The result is that only a few weeks after applying X39 your skin will start to experience a significant reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dramatic Anti-Aging
Initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, it was shown that when GHK-Cu is elevated in the body, we can see that cells start to behave like younger, healthier cells. Essentially helping to restore our cells to a younger state.

Faster Recovery from Exercise
Users of X39 report significant improvements in their sports performance and recovery. As stem cells are designed to repair damaged cells, this is not surprising.

Reduction in the Appearance of Scars
Many users of X39 report that after several weeks of using the product, they notice a reduction in the appearance of scars. This is a well-known attribute of elevating copper peptide known as remodeling.

Results Photos

Click on picture to enlarge. Written testimonials below.
* In some results, X39 and other patches have been used.

Facial Skin Improvement

Hair Growth 

Wound & Injury Healing

Skin Healing

Skin Allergies, Bites & Stings

Post Surgery Wounds & Scars


'My scars have noticeably lightened'
I've been using the X39™ for the past couple of weeks using the recommended placements. I have 2 scars under and next to my belly button… I've had these scars since September when I had surgeries. I'm a neuromuscular myonetics specialist so I can feel the scar tissues on the skin and underneath. I noticed the past couple of weeks since I started using X39™ that the scars were itchy. This morning I noticed my scars were healing and scar tissues aren't as painful, and I can move it around freely. The scars are feeling more like regular skin tissues and I'm getting sensations back in the scarred areas. I used to have 1 long, thick noticeable scar from my belly button down to my lower abdomen. Where I've been placing the X39™ and below the belly button has noticeably lightened. Also want to add that the scar in the belly button used to be painful and easily agitated.... but not anymore. I have great appreciation for X39™.

'After 7 days the pain was gone'
I had [problems] with my teeth. I used X39™ for 3 days, and already two of these teeth have healed. After 7 days of X39™, the pain from this problem was all gone. I believe I have just saved a huge amount of money on dental [work].

'The healing curve is faster'
For 6 month I have had right knee trouble, some menisci issues, really painful and a lot of swelling. It was getting better slowly with less pain and less swelling. I put the X39™ patch directly on the knee and I can verify that it is a lot better and healing curve is faster. After 2 weeks the pain had eased off and I could put more and more weight on the leg. Now after 4 weeks my knee is stronger, and I am climbing the stairs and cycle without any problem. I am still putting it on to make sure that the cartilage will heal profoundly. Thank you ever so much for X39™

'Very Rapid Healing after 48 hours'
A couple of weeks ago my neighbour dropped a 15-foot plank down on her shin and made a nasty 20 cm scrape. We applied two X39™ patches and she changed them after 24 hours After 48 hours her shin looked like this, very rapid healing. She told me that she had a feeling of fatigue in the leg, as if after a workout. She is a 42-year-old athletic woman, did an ironman 2 years ago, and works out several times a week.

'Healed within 5 Days'
My son had a bad snowboard accident where he hit a rock with his face. Fortunately, he had only a bruise under the eye and the nose, but deep scrapes all over his face and he had an appointment on Monday for a new job!! So, he applied X39™ on his body for 3 days and just have a look at how quickly and perfectly his skin healed, there isn’t even a trace of a scar on his cheek within 5 days.


'The doctor said she was amazed at how quickly I was healing'
I had an accident which caused a deep laceration on my left shin. It required 10 stitches on the outside and 2 on the inside. The doctor said “your one lucky dude you just missed the nerve by a hair.” It was about a 3-inch laceration and I could visually see my shin bone. Yes, not for the faint of heart. I used X39™ near the area and as illustrated in the instruction for use. In the second picture which was just 4 days after the accident, you can see very little swelling and redness reduced. One of the things that I noticed was that I had a severe reduction in aches and discomfort around the area. Even the swelling was minimal. On day 8 I was hopeful I could get the stitches out. The doctor said she was amazed at how quickly I was healing and how good the wound looked. The stiches were removed, and the doctor released me and said I was good to surf and resume normal activity the next day! I am so impressed at my progress and how incredibly fast it healed.
- JIM L.

'Incredible results after 3 months'
After 18 years of multiple breaks, this members’ thumb was inflamed and blue in colour. Using the X39™ patch for 3 months, there is a dramatic difference – just incredible!

'X39 addressed my skin issues in 4 days'
Using X39™, Glutathione and Aeon patches for 4 days to address red patches, scaly and skin itchiness and multiple pockets of rashes all over my face.

'My skin all over my body feels softer'
I started using X39™ patches in October. It has helped my skin issues i.e. Cleared up my facial and scalp issues which I have been being treated by a Dermatologist for the past 3 years. It is GONE. Amazing. My skin all over my body feels softer like a baby’s, tighter and less wrinkled. I look younger, so I’m told.

'Less wrinkles & smoother skin'
Less wrinkles, smoother skin, faster wound healing, less stress, calmer and clearer mind.

'Skin is smoother & softer'
I have also noticed my skin is even smoother & softer (less wrinkles too) !!! :) Can't wait to see what else this amazing X39™ patch can do!

'My Skin Looks Much Younger and Healthier'
I have noticed after I have been using X39 for 2-3 weeks my skin looks much younger, healthier and shines 24/7 with or without make up. I am so excited, thank you for this discovery!

'My skin responds positively to it'
I started using it 10 days ago and already see that my skin responds positively to it. Tighter skin on my throat, my hairdresser commented today that I have received a lot of small hairs throughout the scalp... new that's new. I also notice that I sleep deeper and have more energy throughout the day.

'Increased Skin Suppleness'
In my twenties I spent a lot of time in the sun and the front of my lower thighs have had rougher skin as a result. I don’t think I am imagining this, but I have started to notice the skin is becoming more elastic and smooth. It feels like the right amount of oil is in my skin. It is hard to describe. I can even see in my forearms the skin elasticity has increased and skin on my hands appears more supple.

'I'm still astounded at this effect'
I've been a LifeWave member for more than 13 years and have seen and experienced quite a number of 'miracles' from this technology. But this most recent one with the X39™ has to be among the most amazing of them all. A week ago, I inadvertently closed the hatchback door of my car on the end of my right hand's 3rd finger. It took about 2 seconds for it to start hurting, but then it was off to the races - owww!! At about 10 seconds, it was really hurting, beginning to turn blue, and darkening by the second. I thought of going all the way back into the facility I'd just left and asking for some ice, but really didn't want to do that. On a somewhat desperate whim, I fished out an X39™ patch and - with it still in the very small plastic bag I keep my 'emergency' patches in - I gently wrapped it around the last third of this finger, with very little expectation that this would do any good, but seeing little else to do. For probably 30 seconds or so, the pain continued to rise (though probably more slowly), and the colour continued to darken (though also more slowly than before I'd put the patch around it). Then these changes slowly came to a stop, and unmistakably started reversing: the pain started to decrease, and the colour - by now dark blue with some black over most of the last third of that finger - slowly started to lighten. In another couple of minutes, the pain was down to negligible, and the colour - except for one very small line on one side of the finger - was back to normal! I was quite frankly astounded! After still another minute or so, I then comfortably took the patch off and started to drive home. A few minutes later, though, I could feel the pain just beginning to return, so I fished the X39 out of my backpack and replaced it over that finger, leaving it there 'till I got home, about another 10 minutes. By then the pain was again essentially completely gone, and the colour was now completely normal. Except for being a little careful not to apply strong pressure on it for another day or so, I did nothing more for it, and it caused me no more difficulties whatsoever! The end of this finger is exactly 1/2" thick, and the gap in my car's hatchback door is exactly 1/4"; the door had completely closed and latched, with the end of my finger in that gap. I'm still astounded at this effect. I only wish I'd had the presence of mind to take some pictures of this unfolding 'miracle' - I can still scarcely believe it myself!

'Day two his pain was reduced down to 95%'
I want to share an X39™ testimony from one of my close friends. Scott was involved in a major motorcycle accident about 6 years ago. The injuries were a significant split his pelvis and he shattered his left leg - essentially having to be pieced back together. Because of the severe injury to his left leg he would compensate on his good leg. He would limp on his right leg causing pain in his good leg and extreme pain in his knee. He was dosing with Advil and anti-inflammatories. I sent him X39™ and first day of use he said “wow, the pain is reduced” and “I rarely respond to things quickly.” Day two his right knee pain was reduced down to 95% and no Advil use. UPDATE: Dude, this is definitely a miracle product for me. My Right knee feels like it’s practically 100% I’ve been worried lately thinking that I might end up getting a knee replacement down the road because of whatever’s going on with this thing.

'The pain went away immediately'
The patches work great, the first 2 times I put the patches below my belly button, and it took a while about 1 to 2 hours before I noticed a difference, the pain level went down to about 2, then I changed and placed the patch on my sore spot, the pain went away immediately. Today - my 4th patch, same on my sore spot, and went to karate, I did not notice any pain at all, for karate, the hip is the most important part of your body, because every move starts from the hip.
- G

'The pain finally went away with the X39™'
I’ve been in Europe on a biking tour (270 miles) from Prague to Budapest. Just got back last week. I have had lower back/hip issues since last Thanksgiving and have had adjustments to prolozone injections which helped improve up to 60%. The lingering pain finally went away adding the X-39 patch within two weeks. I was concerned how my back was going to get during the biking trip and it didn’t bother me at all other than tightness. It was one of our favourite trips. So I was really happy I didn’t have back/hip issues.

'The effect is almost a miracle!'
I hurt my lower back which also caused pain in one leg. It’s the most painful experience I’ve ever had. For the past several months I’ve had cortisone injections and physical therapy which have helped somewhat although I still was unable to walk normally. As soon as I started using the X39™ the pain went down almost immediately, and I was able to walk again without limping. I don’t want to exaggerate but the effect is almost a miracle!

'Yea David! I think that this is your best yet'
I placed the X39 on the back of my neck I usually walk in the morning - about 2 miles. When I return home, I’m always tired and have a lot of hip and foot pain. That morning I started walking - and I kept walking without even thinking about it. When I got back home (4 miles later), I felt great and had no pain. WHAT! The last three months I’ve had almost constant heel pain from plantar fasciitis. I sleep with a boot that is designed to hold my foot in the correct position, special socks in the daytime to work with it, and nothing has stopped the pain. I went to a podiatrist, and his only solution was cortisone injections, and if those don’t work, surgery to cut the tendon. The pain was getting so severe that I was considering it. I put the X39 on my heel - absolutely no more pain. Unheard of! I’m beyond excited. I can’t wait to see what we experience after several months of using this patch. Yea David!!! I think that this is your best yet.

'I have extra energy and motivation to get things done'
I am experiencing great results with X39™ and IceWave patches. I am sleeping more deeply than ever. I have extra energy & strength & very important motivation to get things done, get clutter sorted, and house cleaned. Feeling of confidence and well-being. For pain and inflammation in lower leg, I use pain patch with great effect. Miraculous healing after years of pain. Also, my anxiety is gone!

'Tremendous amount of energy until late in the evening'
Thank you so much for this wonderful patch. I feel a tremendous amount of energy until late in the evening and then my sleep is fantastic. Since I get back pain from time to time because of a disc prolapse, I have experienced an immediate pain relief within seconds within a day.

'The energy is never lacking with X39™'
I've been using the X39™ for now three weeks and they're amazing! I can enclose them in one sentence: "to draw from an inexhaustible source of energy". The energy is never lacking but living the day without feeling drops of tiredness, with a clear mind and a light out of the norm was really a discovery!

'More energy and natural day rhythm'
After 7 days with X39™: Feeling a lot of energy. I never run. I don’t like running. Suddenly I feel an urge to run 2-3 kilometres (to me that’s really a long run) in the middle of my summer vacation and jump into the sea and swim afterwards. That never happened before. Furthermore, my day rhythm has changed. I’m much more awake and clear during the day and I fall asleep immediately at night. It’s a huge change to me. I’m very excited about the future with X39™.

'I feel more focused, energetic and youthful'
Having had back pain for over 20 years and using cortisone shots with osteoporosis side effects, I got introduced to LifeWave in June 2017. LifeWave changed my life towards a healthy and wealthy life. No more back pain or any other type of problems. I was very happy with the LifeWave patches before I got introduced to the X39™. After 1 week I feel more focused, energetic and youthful using it.

'Significant change in my overall energy level'
In regard to the X39™, I have noticed a significant change in my overall energy level, endurance, sleeping more soundly, mental clarity, skin tone, my hair volume and overall sense of well-being and really love the product! Thank you so much.

'My catabolic state shortened by 50%'
I must share with you my experience with X39™! I always - during the tests like this - push myself to the limits, as you know I work-out few days a week. I do push-ups (75reps), I do pull up (60reps), squats (50 reps) and I play badminton once a week. When I started using X39™ my catabolic state shortened by 50%, I regenerate life like I was 20 years old! And additionally, I have more energy during the day after badminton. I’ve always had little energy after training. Now the sleep is deeper also! X39™ is powerful stuff!

'After 9 months of pain, I’m back at the gym'
Shelley, my wife has gone to the gym, lifted, yoga, aerobics, and a serious cyclist for the last 20 years or more. About 9 months ago she got hip bursitis and had to totally stop. She was in serious pain. We tried everything. Every time she would try to do anything at the gym or biking she had to quit. After beginning to wear the X39™ patches, she didn't notice the results as quickly as I did, but slowly she started noticing that she was in less pain. She now has started back at the gym and is very excited about how this has changed her life for the better. She has also struggled for a few years with arthritis in her hands and that is not bothering her this winter. Shelly and I will never stop using X39™!!!!!

'It gives me more energy and I feel stronger'
I was excited about this new patch. I am testing it for one week now and I feel that I have more energy doing my daily workout. I can do more repetitions and I am not so exhausted afterwards. It gives me more energy and I feel stronger.

'Within 5 minutes my muscle soreness went away'
I called my trainer at 8am and told her I wouldn’t be coming in to work out. I was tired, my legs hurt, and wasn’t feeling so well. At 8:15am, I put on the X39, and within 5 minutes my muscle soreness went away. I called her and told her I was going to go to the gym at 11am! I went to the gym and we did AN HOUR leg day training. I didn’t burn out at all. I did extra reps, without stopping - on exercises I usually can’t even do. After my workout, I did 25 minutes of cardio like it was NOTHING. I told her I was wearing a patch, so she pushed me extra hard. It didn’t feel like I had a hardcore work out - I felt like I had just finished a 3-block walk. The next day I woke up with NO soreness in my legs!

'My shoulder was all the way back to normal'
I’m a former National Bodybuilder Champion since 1985 and competed in 14 Bodybuilding contests and WON 7 ... 1st. place trophies, including West Coast Nationals Bodybuilding Championship that was played on ESPN. I’m 52 now and soon to get married, so I wanted to get back in shape fast, but haven’t been in the gym seriously for many years. I decided to go to the gym with my older brother Tony and we first warmed up with the life cycle and went straight to the bench press and I went to heavy too fast and my left shoulder dropped, and I tore my tendon. I never tore a tendon before, that was VERY PAINFUL. My level of pain from 0 to 10... it was 15 I was sweating because I was in so much PAIN. I was told a torn tendon will take over a year to heal with physical therapy and even possibly surgery. I didn’t want to do either of those, so I went home and applied X39™ on the point of pain and immediately the pain started to subside. I was so EXCITED!!! I used X39™ everyday... just a little over 3 months, and my left shoulder was ALL the way BACK to normal and I CAN workout AGAIN!!! I might of had a little setback, but know I have a BIG come BACK THANKS to X39™ how do you explain that it a MIRACLE!

'My recovery times after training have been nothing short of phenomenal'
After using X39™ for a month I can honestly say without a doubt that it works! I'm a competitive cyclist as well as a busy husband and dad that works every day. Ever since I started using X39™ I've been less tired with higher mental awareness with less physical and mental fatigue. My recovery times after training have been nothing short of phenomenal. With a faster recovery time I'm able to push 100% the next day.

'I could have stayed at the gym for 2 hours'
I'm lucky that I don't personally have any pain issues for the most part. However, age does catch up after a long session at the gym. I put X39™ on my lower back today since that usually would be my sore and tight spot. Well, I have been hearing that X39™ increases the energy and strength! It is so TRUE! I was on the elliptical machine longer without losing stride! It was easy. Here comes the strength training part, heavier weight and more repetition! I think I could had stayed at the gym for 2 hours but there was no need to do that. So far, my energy is still up and there's no soreness anywhere. Loving it!

'I don't feel like I need to wait 2 days to recover'
Since I first used the X39™ patches 6 days ago I am blown away with the results! I work out with weights at the gym 3 days a week and I normally experience pain, inflammation and tiredness for a couple of days. With X39™ I am able to work out harder and my muscles feel like they are healing in real time! I don't feel like I need to wait 2 days to recover between workouts anymore!

'This is very fast and unreal recovery'
Several years ago, I went on skiing in Austria. I had an accident, and the ligaments in my left knee were injured. I could barely walk because my knee hurt and was totally unstable. During the first 24 hours my knee swelled up, my leg was put in a plaster cast for six weeks and I had to use painkillers 6 days ago I went to the gym to join a "Power Well" class - 30 minutes of quite hard work out. Suddenly at one jump I feel this twist inside my left knee, it hurts badly, and I fall down on the floor. Boom - same as in Austria 20 years ago. A physiotherapist at the gym examines the knee - it's the ligaments again, knee unstable, rest, ice, compression, elevation. And of course, patches after I got home. So, this is what I did until now and what happened:
Day 1 (Saturday): Aeon on the top of the knee, IceWave on ST 36 on both sides, Carnosine on the left side of the knee and Glutathione on the right side. And on top of the knee just above the Aeon: X-39. Knee: No swelling at all. Pain reduced from 9 - 3. No medical painkillers necessary.
Day 2: Same placement of patches. Knee: No swelling. I can bend my knee 90 degrees. I can walk carefully, and I hobble. I can walk on stairs one step at a time. Pain reduced to 2.
Day 3: Same placement of patches. Knee: Pain reduced to 1. I still have to walk carefully but I no longer hobble. I can walk slowly up the stairs, still one step at a time down the stairs. In the morning I can bend my leg like 70-80 degrees. I put the X-39 on the back on my knee. At night I can bend by knee carefully to 45 degrees.
Day 4-7: I used X39™ every day, but now in the neck. Pain stays on 1, but it only hurts if I bend the knee too much.
Yesterday (day 6) I can walk down the stairs. no bandage necessary. This is very fast and unreal recovery. I can feel that I have to be careful, but I can walk, I can walk on stairs, I've been working, and I feel it's getting better every day.

'I am sleeping even better'
I have more sustained energy during the day, and I am sleeping even better at night. I didn’t think I could sleep better given the fact that I wear Alavida, but I am sleeping even better. Thank you for this truly awesome new patch!

'I don't wake up groggy anymore!'
Ever since I can remember as a child, I've always been a "sleep hog". In other words, if I had the opportunity to sleep 9-10 hours a night, I'd easily do that! After going through medical school and residency and experiencing severe sleep deprivation, I always woke up groggy no matter how much sleep I got. The first night I used X39™, I noticed a profound depth of sleep that was "new" to me. Now after 7 months of regular use, not only are my old surgical scars completely softened, I notice that I am consistently waking up before my alarm. That almost NEVER happened in the past. In fact, it seems that I don't need 10, 9 or even 8 hours of sleep any longer! I've been waking up each morning alert and ready to go! No more grogginess. Wow! For me that is a miracle!

'My Sleep is Excellent'
Now I fall asleep very fast without struggling for hours, my sleep is excellent, and I move very little. I wake up Rested.

'This is really life changing for me'
I think I can honestly say that I’ve experienced DEEP sleep since the first day. Last Sunday night I slept for 9.5 hrs. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this was. And it was 7 hrs straight - then woke up for about 5 min and went back to sleep for 2.5 more hours!!! Every night seems to be a solid 7 hrs. I have been struggling with sleep issues pretty consistently for a good 2-3 years - and, honestly, I’ve been feeling a little desperate about that in the past month or so. This is really life changing for me.

'My Sleep has improved'
My sleep pattern has improved. Normally I am very restless and don’t sleep through the night but am I happy to say that has improved dramatically.

'I enjoy a deep sleep of 7-8 hours'
At night I fall asleep right away. Currently I enjoy a deep sleep of 7-8 hours, without any interruptions.

'I was able to sleep without sleeping pills'
I had been feeling so weak, no appetite and can’t sleep. After few days of using the patches I noticed I got back my energy, got my appetite and I was able to sleep without the sleeping pills.

'My hairdresser was amazed how fast my hair grew back'
I have to share. So many women have thinning hair and spend a lot of money on hair care products that are not effective! I know because in the past up until recently, this was me. X39™ is super amazing. I chopped off my hair to shoulder length in November and my hairdresser was amazed how fast it grew back when he saw me a couple of days ago.

'Pain is diminishing… more energy'
I've been using X39 since June, right now I relieve my pain in my right wrist, which I had problems with over 40 years, it's diminishing. I've experienced more energy and tightening of the skin in the face, hurry for the X39™.

'Looking at the testimonials it looks like it is too good to be true but so many people could not be blowing smoke'
I haven't been able to walk up the stairs in years. I mean I've had to do one step at a time. I had toxic black mold poisoning which attacks the muscles. So, 2 days on the patch and I walk up the stairs! Looking at the testimonials it looks like it is too good to be true but so many people could not be blowing smoke. I knew intuitively that this is what I was waiting for, so I am most excited to be part of this team!

'I noticed so many benefits'
WOW ... A thousand, a thousand thanks David for having created the X39™ patch, it is wonderful. The first night I applied it, I heard and felt my blood flow and I woke up with a lot of energy and to date I have not felt tired. Additionally, I have noticed many more benefits, such as growth of hair, hair, nails, smoother skin and greater mental clarity, the X39™ is PHENOMENAL!!

'It’s stopped two migraine attacks'
I am still so grateful for the X39™ patch! Besides more energy I have also managed to stop two migraine attacks, which I have never been able to with any of the other patches.


Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin irritation occurs. Do not reuse patch once removed from the skin. For external use only. Do not ingest. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Ask a health professional before using if you have a health condition, any questions or concerns about your health. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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