Silent Nights

  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Clinically shown to increase length of sleep by 66%
  • Enhances the quality of sleep
  • Read the written testimonials at the bottom of this page
  • Exclusive form of acupressure
  • No drugs, chemicals or stimulants
  • Nothing from the patch enters the body

A Natural Sleep-Aid

Free of drugs, chemicals or stimulants, Silent Nights is clinically proven to improve quality and length of sleep without causing that groggy feeling the next day. You’ll wake up feeling well rested, more energetic and better prepared to make the most out of life.

The Silent Nights patch reflects particular wavelengths of light, which stimulate specific points on the skin that trigger the production of melatonin in the body.

What should I feel when wearing Silent Nights?

You may experience a more restful night's sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Has Silent Nights been tested?

Yes, multiple clinical studies prove that Silent Nights improves both quality and length of sleep. In fact, a clinical study showed a 66% increase in the time slept of insomniacs who participated in the testing. More study information below.

When should I wear the patches?

It is recommended that you wear the patch from the time you go to bed until you wake up in the morning.

Silent Nights Study Results

Silent Nights is clinically proven to increase length of sleep by 66 percent, and since its release has helped people all over the world achieve better rest. Subsequent to its release, a pilot study conducted by Dr. Norm Shealy concluded, “The safety and results obtained in the study of Silent Nights suggests that these patches may be one of the preferred potential approaches to significant improvement in sleep.”
Read full report.


Hi! I have had neck and sleep problems for years. I had to use tablets because of pain in my neck and to be able to sleep. A good friend introduced LifeWave products to me and it was too good to be true I thought to myself. I became very eager to try it out thinking that I could perhaps replace pills with patches that don't put anything negative in my body. It's been three months without pills and with the Silent Nights patch, and I sleep well and wake up refreshed. The patches are absolutely brilliant for me and I would like to recommend them to others. A big thanks to LifeWave technology, which I see as a revolution in health. With kind regards.
— Hronn T. Norway

I tried the patch Silent Nights for my long trips and it is fantastic how I feel relaxed in the airplane during the long hours of flight and I arrive a lot fresher than before to the destination. It is great!
— Christine G. France

Earlier I woke up several times at night and in the morning often had the feeling of not having slept at all. Since I've used Silent Nights, I sleep much better and wake up only rarely at night. In the morning, I awake with the feeling of being absolutely slept. Only drawback: I awake with Silent Nights much earlier than usual.
— Ivonne B. Germany

I have struggled with quality sleep since high school. I rarely fell asleep easily and it was tough to reach REM sleep when I would finally doze off. After my first application of Silent Nights, the results were immediate and outstanding! As soon as I applied the patch (temple location), right way I was able to feel calm and it wasn't long before I was completely sound asleep. I woke the next day after about 7 hours of sleep, feeling better than I had since I was a youngling! In all truth, Silent Nights is a life saver because it alone helped me to take back my sleep. I am more rested, alert, and in much better physical condition for it. What a difference a good nights sleep can make. Silent Nights does exactly what it advertises and I am completely grateful! Thank you, LifeWave!
— Tony Tolbert Arizona, USA

I discovered Silent Nights thanks to my friend, Jerome Levy. I used to sleep 3 or 4 hours per night since about 4 years ago. The first night I tried Silent Nights, I opened my eyes at 3 in the morning and told myself, "It does not work for me...". Then I turned myself on my left side and woke up again at 8 o'clock!!! Since that time, my daily sleeping experience with Silent Nights has been huge!! Thank you, Mr. Schmidt!
— Remy L. France

I want to testify to the good results that I obtained thanks to Silent Nights. Having suffered from depression since 1985, I became obsessed by my sleep, even going to a sleep centre in 1988, without getting any result. This obsession became a handicap, which prevented me from recovery. I can say that today, thanks to the Silent Nights patches, my nights are no longer a problem. My sleep is restful. For this reason, this morning, I am feeling great, wishing to live my days to the fullest without thinking of the following night's sleep.
— Annie D. France

I'm 65 and for years have had trouble sleeping the entire night. I would wake up at 2AM and not return to sleep until 5AM. When I became a LifeWave distributor, I started using the Silent Nights patches. At first they didn't work at all, but I was determined and continued using them. Soon, I was sleeping deeply all night with amazing dreams. Now I wake up well rested, with no drugs, and no dragging around all day. What a difference a good night's sleep can make. Thank you Silent Nights!
— Eric B. Arizona, USA

Hi! I am Latronico Francesca and I'm a pharmacist. I am 32-years-old and since I was a child I have not slept very well. I always had difficulty getting to sleep until I used Silent Nights! This patch changed my life. Now I sleep all night and I have more energy during the day. Thank you LifeWave and thank you David!
— Latronico F. Italy

Silent Nights was the first patch I ever tried. Five months after my daughter's birth, I was back to work and during the night I was breastfeeding her. Although I was immensely happy for her arrival, those months were physically so hard, even more when I had to work normally. So when I knew about the patches, I was sure Silent Nights was my first option: nothing entering the body and deeper sleeping…that sounded to me like heaven! So I tried the patch the first night. I was a little bit afraid about not being able to listen to my baby. The reason was that all the substances I knew until that moment "helped" you to sleep… getting you unconscious for some hours during the night. So I told my husband to be aware "just in case". BUT when I got up that day… THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. I had plenty of energy, as before the pregnancy. I came back to being "me" again, and not the tired and exhausted person I was for a long time. My brain seemed to work normally. I could think clearly and was focused. I felt happy as I couldn't feel for some time. It was irresistible. After that day, I used my Silent Nights EVERY NIGHT!!! I took my packet of patches wherever I would go!! I still use them, after more than 4 years, because even in my normal life, living in a big city like I do, Silent Nights is a wonderful product for my well being. Thanks LifeWave, David Schmidt and all those who made it possible for me to meet these powerful products!!!!
— Saly C. Spain

In the last month I did not sleep very well, so I started to use Silent Nights. It's incredible, after two days I started to sleep well again. Thank you, David!
— Andrea C. Italy

I used to toss and turn just about every night. I would have difficulties with actually going to sleep and staying asleep. Since I started using Silent Nights patches, I always get a good night's rest! I use them every night, and it's wonderful because I know nothing toxic is going into my body. Because I get enough sleep while using the patches, I'm able to wake up every morning without a groggy feeling. I'm always ready to start my day off right!
— Elizabeth Jovanni V.

I definitely sleep much better since I started using the Silent Nights patches. I used to have big problems with my sleep, sleeping very lightly and having difficulties falling asleep. With Silent Nights, I experience a deep sleep and in general it's much easier for me to fall asleep. It's simply fantastic—I feel so much more at ease!
— Johanna S. Denmark

I've been amazed with LifeWave products... About 3 months ago, I started feeling very tired when I woke up, so I decided that I should try Silent Nights. It just so happened to be a Friday night after an exhausting week at work. I kept myself hydrated throughout the day. The next morning, I woke up at 7:15 am (approximately) and thought to myself, "I'll sleep in, after all, it's Saturday." After about 5-10 minutes, somehow I got really bored sleeping in and got up. I felt really rested and energized and thought to myself, "WOW!! LifeWave is so amazing!"
— Nathan L. Australia

I have made it my obligation to give testimony about the Silent Nights patches because they have greatly improved my quality of sleep. Since I was very young, I have spent several hours each night (between 2 and 4 am) tossing and turning in bed, trying to fall asleep. When I used Silent Nights for the first time, I lay down with a book and awoke 20 minutes later only because the book had fallen onto my chest! Indeed, I had fallen asleep without even realizing it and it was the first time that has ever happened! I wish you peaceful nights!
— Audrey S. France

For many years, I have been unable to sleep deeply. Since I started my career as a fireman with the city of Paris, I have been content with 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Six was the most I could hope to achieve. After I tried the Silent Nights patches, I started to have better sleep. I sleep more deeply; a rejuvenating sleep. Even after I awake, I am able to get back to sleep very quickly, and sometimes I can sleep for 7-8 hours, which hasn't happened in 20 years! It has been a great success.
— Gilles M. France

I couldn't sleep. I had tiring dreams of work in poor conditions, of fight ect. Now, I sleep very well and I have very relaxing and rewarding dreams and I wake up truly rested.
— Marco Patrizio S. Italy

I gave him a Silent Nights patch which he placed behind his ear. After the first night he was hooked. Every morning he would ask me how it went last night. I am happy to say all is well. I woke up on the second night that he was wearing the patch and I laid there thinking that this was the first time that I can remember our bedroom being so quiet and peaceful. What a great gift to him and myself. Thank you.
— Wynn E. USA

Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin irritation occurs. Do not reuse patch once removed from the skin. For external use only. Do not ingest. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Ask a health professional before using if you have a health condition, any questions or concerns about your health. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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