Energy Enhancer

  • Clinically proven to increase energy and endurance
  • Supports a physical fitness routine
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Exclusive form of acupressure
  • No drugs, chemicals or stimulants
  • Nothing from the patch enters the body

Sustained Energy with No Caffeine, Drugs or Stimulants

How can people sustain energy without using drugs, stimulants, or caffeine? The answer led to the development of Energy Enhancer, the first LifeWave patch ever developed and the foundation of our patented technology.

Energy Enhancer patches reflect particular wavelengths of light, which stimulate specific points on the skin that increase energy production in the cells (betaoxidation). Because beta-oxidation produces more than twice the energy of carbohydrate burning, this is the most effective and natural way to increase overall energy.

Energy Enhancer Release Makes Headlines

Shortly after Energy Enhancer was released. Renowned women’s swimming coach, Richard Quick, of Stanford University, USA, supplied his swim team with the energy enhancer patches. Just three weeks after providing the patches to his team, six of its eight members broke their personal lifetime records. Stanford Team members were then spotted wearing the patches during the Olympic Swimming trials, propelling LifeWave into the national media spotlight. 

Since that time, Energy Enhancer has helped people around the globe go further, run faster, climb higher and embrace each day with renewed stamina and vigor. A safer more effective alternative to other energy products.

What should I expect to feel when using the Energy Enhancer patches?

Although individual results may vary, you should expect to feel elevated, stable energy levels throughout the day. This includes an increase in physical energy and endurance. You may also initially experience some detoxification symptoms.

When should I use the Energy Enhancer patches?

You should use the Energy Enhancer patches when you need to improve energy production, athletic performance and endurance, and to promote a general sense of well being.

How many patches can I use at one time?

For most people one set of Energy Enhancer patches produces significant results. In the case of athletic competition, two sets of Energy Enhancer can be used for performance purposes.

Did You Know?

83% percent of adults drink coffee on a regular basis *1, and the conventional thinking is that moderate caffeine consumption is not considered a health risk. 

But multiple cups a day or even a large coffee cup contain as much as 436 milligrams of caffeine, which is more than you’ll find in a whopping 12 cans of soda.

Too much caffeine can cause irritability, heartburn and rapid heartbeat, just to name a few. And many popular energy drinks are far worse when it comes to ingredients. Not only do they contain high caffeine and sugar levels, but they’re also infused with excessive amounts of taurine, which can cause serious side effects when consumed in large quantities.

Alarmingly, the amount of people hospitalized because of energy drink consumption doubled between 2007 and 2011, from 10,068 to 20,783.2 By 2014, more than 10 percent of emergency room visits by people age 12 or older involving energy drinks resulted in hospitalization *2

We can all use a little boost of energy in our daily lives, and these patches are a safe, effective alternative with no caffeine, drugs or stimulants.

*1 - National Coffee Association’s (NCA) National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market

*2 - 2011 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Energy Enhancer Study Results

2006 Study (Revised in 2011)This study confirms that Energy Enhancer has significant metabolic effects, which increase energy, stamina and performance. These results include a substantial improvement in maximum aerobic capacity *1.
Read the Full Study on Page 6.
*1 - Acuscope and Skin Conductance along Meridians: Before and After LifeWave Energy Patches, 2009.


I have been using the Energy Enhancer Patches since they were first introduced. I was so thrilled with the new found strength and endurance they gave me.
— Robert M. USA

I have known of LifeWave since October 2009 during the Rome meeting with Mr. Schmidt. Since then I have begun to use the patches with optimal results on my energy and vitality levels and the recovery time in my training at the gym (I’m an instructor of martial arts). I have begun to share the results with other people with enthusiasm and perseverance.
— Fabrizio C. Italy

I am 55 years old and have been doing sports like weightlifting and track & field for over 40 years. I am a professional athlete and my goal is to continue my sport trainings into the future. I was introduced to Lifewave in january 2009 and loved the products from the beginning. The reason, was that the Energy Enhancer and Glutathione patches were working extremely well for me. I did participate in the World Championship in Powerlifting in November 2009, where I competed in Benchpress. I had prepaired myself extremely well and used the patches in my preparation. On competition day, I used advice from David Schmidt and put on 2 pairs of Energy Enhancer patches and 1 glutathione patch. They worked extremely well and I became a World Champion! I highly recommend the LifeWave technology which I see as a brilliant product.
— Flosi J. - World Champion bench press power lifter

Just like last year’s event (Megève 2013), I competed in the 2014 Alpine World Ski Championship in Göstling – Hochkar wearing LifeWave patches, and once again experienced improved energy levels. Thanks to their efficiency, I won two Bronze medals and one Silver medal in the FIS Master Weltcup. I can confidently say that part of my success is due to the patches.
— Uberto B. - 86 Year-old Alpine World Skier, Switzerland

I am MUCH, MUCH HEALTHIER than before! I will be 80 YRS. YOUNG on NOV. 22. I use the ENERGY ENHANCER every day, and I do NOT get tired the WHOLE DAY and it enhances my MENTAL FOCUS! I am known as "MS. ENTHUSIASM!" due to the ENERGY ENHANCER! May the REST of your Life be THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE starting NOW!!!
— REMEDIOS Z. R. San Francisco, CA

Before LifeWave I could only lose 5 pounds from doing bicycling and gym workouts. Since using the Energy Enhancer patches, I am bicycling longer and have increased gym workouts. Within 8 weeks on the patches, I have lost an additional 25 pounds and feel great and feel more youthful! Pretty good for a 66-year-old.
— Robert W. Vancouver, Canada

I religiously used LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches throughout the 2009-10 World Cup season and through the two weeks of competition in Vancouver, during the Olympic Games. While using LifeWave patches I felt healthy, my energy levels were high and I felt an enhanced sense of awareness. I recommend LifeWave to any serious athlete looking for an edge in their particular sport
— Steven D. L.USA Olympic Bobsled Team 2010, Lake Placid, New York

About 3 weeks ago, I had an operation. With the medications and their side-effects left me without energy. Then I realized I could use the energy patches [Energy Enhancer®] which I did and remarkably my energy levels went back to normal. Also to make sure that it wasn't the medications helping out (as I'm sure most doctors would claim), I stopped a few times wearing the patches and the difference was like day and night. The patches did make a considerable difference in my energy levels (The French Canadian).
— Bob R. Quebec, Canada

Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin irritation occurs. Do not reuse patch once removed from the skin. For external use only. Do not ingest. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Ask a health professional before using if you have a health condition, any questions or concerns about your health. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

LifeWave Disclaimer

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