Welcome to the team. Please see some general information below, to help you get started.

If you have any questions please just ask - patching or business related :)

021 085 10656

Getting Started

* Make a note of your username and password that you joined LifeWave with. 

* You have a website, it's personal to you. This is where you direct customers and make sales from.
Your website is www.lifewave.com/yourusername for example mine is www.lifewave.com/wellnessyouwe...

* You also have a back office, login here from your website using your username and password OR login here www.backoffice.lifewave.com 
This area is private to you, do not send customers here.
Take the time to look through each tab and make yourself familiar with your back office, once you start using your back office, it all makes sense.

The back office is where you buy your stock from
- click on the STORE tab.

You back office is packed with information to help you with your business:
- read through the RESOURCES tab, under this tab especially read through the NEW MEMBER INFORMATION, LIFEWAVE COMPENSATION PLAN and the MARKETING TOOLS also add your name to the MEMBERS EMAIL LIST, this is the communication directly from LifeWave.

Facebook Support

There are two Facebook Groups run by LifeWave distributors in our upline. There is lots of information shared on these pages both regarding the patches and also the business side of LifeWave. You can also ask questions here too. 

If you would like to join these groups please let me know :)

Terese Santos - https://www.facebook.com/groups/stemcelllighttherapy

Sandra Biskind - https://www.facebook.com/groups/571992606885348

Terese Santos

Terese is a Senior Presidential Director in LifeWave, she is in our upline. Many of the members in LifeWave provide various levels of training and support to those they enrol and those they enrol ... 

You should be getting emails from Terese. Terese also does weekly training sessions.

LifeWave Success Library

This is a great website with  heaps of information on the business, patches and the company.

I'd really encourage you to read through all the documents on here.


LifeWave You Tube Channel


LifeWave does regular training. I recommend going back and watching all the Product Training Videos done by David Schimdt. I have found them very informative. You will be invited to attend upcoming training and other webinars via LifeWave through their emails. So make sure you sign up ! (Info. in first paragraph).