Natural Healing, Incredible Results

  • Stem Cell Activation
  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  • Sleep Better
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Skin Appearance
  • Decrease Stress 
  • Wound Healing
  • Support your Immune System 
  • Ageing Support - muscle, bone, skin, organ health
  • Athlete & Workout Performance & Recovery 

Revolutionary wellness patches that use phototherapy and acupuncture points to promote healing and produce health and wellness improvements in your body.

How do they work

LifeWave patches use phototherapy and acupuncture points to promote healing and produce specific health & wellness improvements in your body.  

They reflect particular wavelengths of light into the body, whilst stimulating acupuncture points on the body.

The patches do contain any drugs or chemicals and nothing from the patch passes into your body. 

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There are 10 different patches each designed to specifically support and promote healing within the body. 

  • Stem Cell Activation 
  • Stress
  • Pain 
  • Sleep
  • Inflammation
  • Immune System
  • Ageing Support
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Healing
  • Detox 
  • Sports Performance & Recovery

Results & Testimonials

From busy Mums and Grandparents to Olympic athletes, and animals, LifeWave phototherapy patches have helped many different people looking for natural health solutions to common problems.

Click below to see photographic results and read users testimonials.

LifeWave patches have even been used on animals such as race horses, cats and dogs with great results too. AcuLife, our Equine patch, has had phenomenal results.


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